The Stewardesses

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21.X | 20:00


Theatre Comedy, Macedonia

Marc Camoletti
Sinisa Eftimov
Stage Design:
Ilina Angelova
Ilina Angelovska
Drgana Gjakonovski - Spato
Atanas Atanasovski
Valentin Kostadinovski – Tino
Maria Kondovska
Kristina Lasovska
Zaklina Petrovska
Tanja Mickov

It is a classic farce. The Stewardesses features seven doors and many inexplicable situations. Bernard is a successful architect, owns a fantastic apartment with a housemaid, and possesses the formula for perfect polygamous life. He attempts to present this formula to his best friend, Robert.

The formula for a perfect life is to meet three stewardesses, who work for different companies and travel to the city in different days. Thus, every day he has a different fiancée. But, the equation soon falls apart, leading to embarrassing situations that take place in one apartment, with one fiancé, three fiancées, his best friend, and Bertha, the housem,aid who tries to keep everything in best order.  

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