Medea | Kazakhstan

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19.X. | 20:00
Atyrau Province Kazakh Drama Theater
named after Makhambet, Kazakhstan
Heiner Mueller
Kuandyk Kassymov
Gulnur Kairliyeva
Bakytzhan Utegaliyev
Beket Zinullin
Aslanbek Zhanbalayev
Gulbarshyn Aitkaliyeva
Kabdolla Kuikenov
Nurshat Aralbayeva
Guldana Kusherbayeva
Mueruert Tanasheva
Mereke Konyssova
Gaukhar Kabiyeva
Ainagul Mukhtarova
Amirzhan Nurlanuly
Dastan Pyshanov
Nurbek Sezkhan
Myrzabek Makulov
Medea lives with her two
daughters and a foster nurse
on the suburb of Corinth. She
has been confronted with an
accomplishment fact: her beloved
Jason, who she left her home at
Colchis for him and helped to steal
the Golden Fleece, has decided
to marry a daughter of Creon
King. She ignores the order to
leave Corinth and therefore given
herself a death sentence. Being in
anger, she kills Creon King and his
daughter with the help of sorcery,
and then kills her own children and
then Jason. The last her gesture
is a revenge, done for the act of
great love, which she has thrown
away. With the murder of her own
children she tried to show her pain
she suffered from Jason.

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