Forset of my tree | Macedonia

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18.X | 20:00 | Small stage
North of Impact
NT JHK Dzinot
Directed by:
Aleksandar Ivanovski
Performed by:
Vasil Zafirchev
Sashko Kostov
Text by:
Sasho Dimoski
Photos by:
Borche Konzulov
Trailer by:
Krste Shupev
“The Forest of my Tree” is a
stream of words and pulsating
muscles that opens up the view
onto an unsettled world. It is a
night-time odyssey through the
underbelly of a dying forest by
a man trying to make sense of
his life and outsider status as a
With lungs filled with epic
breath, through polyphonic
characterization, the unnamed
character confines us within our
own fears, the fear of ourselves,
but mainly the fear of others, the
so-called “political nihilism of the
late twentieth century, that of the
word beyond the separation of the
couple-meaning, that of collective
history and individual stories.”
Could this metaphorical vision
of the other make us see our
own image? An image primarily
of individuals profoundly stoic
and expressionless against the
loneliness of others? The speaking
character in this meditation is
a metonymic figure of exclusion
through whom the performance
speaks of the “excluded”, of the
macrocosm of capitalist society in
contrast to the ubiquitous moods
of a man like any other.

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