Nothing without Trifolio | Macedonia

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Rusomir Bogdanovski
Kole Angelovski
Stage Design:
Ilina Angelovska
Assistant Stage design:
Pece Ristrevski
Rade Vasilev
Tome Temelkovski
Kire Miladinovski
Andon Jovanovski
Daniela Ivanovska
Natasa Naumovska
Angela Naumovska
Ilija Volcevski
Aleksandar Todeski
Marjan Cakmakovski
Dimitar Crcoroski
Dimitar Gjorgjievski
Maria Spirkoska Ilijeska
Mihajlo Milenkoski
Nothing without Trifolio, directed
by Kole Angelovski, is a marry
comedy which vby its dynamics and
coherent structures strongly beats
with modernity. The author Rusomir
Bogdanovski calls his work , “a comedy
in Greek – Roman style, written after
an encounter with joyous spirit of the
REoman comedy writer Publius Terentius
the African who, relieved of the body
of his master in 159 B.C. wonders
through the centuries ever since”. All
the intrigues and misunderstandings
derive from a basic theme - the search
for love, and everything that happens
on the stage is related to love. The god
Amor is the impetus behind the story,
while Trifolio – intelligent and cunning –
manages the situations and pulls all the
strings. Trifoluio draws his motivation
from his incorrigible hedonism, hence
the comedy. The complex and skillfully
managed double plots, confusion, the
exuberant characters, their weaknesses
and problems, the specific and rich
language – all these elements create
a play that mirrors the contemporary
family and love problems of both, the
youth and the elders.

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