OEDIPUS REX Stefan Kirov Theatre, Bulgaria

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directed by:
Biljana Petrova
set design:
Elica Andreeva
Ivajlo Gandev
Dimitar Kostadinov
Dimitar Markov
Tanja Jorgova
Sabina Koen
Nikola Velcheva
This is a play by Sophocles, that
is studied during the ninth grade
in bulgarian high schools. When
in ninth grade a person is about
15-16 years old. My memory
from when I read the play in that
age is that it is imposible for a
man, whose calling was to be
the king, to murder his father
and marry his mother without
finding out what he had done until
the moment when vengeance is
upon him. Many centuries later
Sigmund Freud would explore this
story through his theory of man
and the complex named after the
protagonist Oedipus by him. In
our spectacle for one hour on the
stage we pant trying to walk a
path, walked by humanity for 2500
years. The most important thing
for the entire team of the stage
production was to discover what is
possible to imagine and incarnate /
bring to life/ today, going through
the text of the ancient tragedy.
The most important thing is how
comes a man, whose calling is to
be a liberator of the tyrany of evil,
is not capable of defying his own
destiny in spite of commiting all
of his intentional efforts to fight
against it.

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