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Sabac Theatre, Serbia
William Shakespeare
Adaptation, stage design and director:
Nikita Milivojevic
Jelena Stokuca
Kosta Pavlovic
Assistant Diredctor:
Vladimir Milojevic

Aneta Tomasevic
Sonja Milivojevic
Zoran Karajic
Ervin Hadzimurtezic
Dejan Sakrovic
Vladimir Milojevic
Deana Kostic
Milos Vojnovic
Strahinja Barovic
Kristina Pajkic
Duration: 1h 40’
I find some of Shakespeare’s
last works (Cymbeline, Winter
Tale, Pericles, and Storm) as
really exceptional. As if they lack
the real truth, they are more
a kind of fantastic stories full
with unexpected events, with lot
of turns and surprises, but also
with lot of inconsistencies and
imbalances among the events.
There is lot of special and temporal
imagination, so it feels like a
Since through the last few
years I have a feeling as if I live
in a “fairytale”, pretty unreal
reality, where anything is possible,
suddenly the Shakespeare’s last
works became very attractive to
me. It is exactly that “unreality
of events” that makes them so
Pericles is among the least
played Shakespeare’s works and
this is its first Serbian production.
Nikita Milivojevic

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